Memory Expansion

Hi all,

I am new to using the Arduino products and programming micro processors. I will be using the board to sample AC voltage, make several calculations, and transmit the results. I would like to store large amounts of data and calculations on the board. Is there a way to expand upon the 512 kbytes of flash memory on the Arduino Due?


What would you want to do with the data ?

You can add a SD card to the Arduino.
For example a SD shield, but also the ethernet shield has an SD card socket.

So you take the SD card out of it, and place it in the computer to read the data.
A library for SD is included in the Arduino IDE, SD - Arduino Reference

The SD card I think is the simplest option, however if you want to be compact, you could use a I2C EEPROM chip that could store 256KB of data.

If you want you could wire up to 128 of these and that would get you 32MB of storage. But that is too confusing so I recommend sticking with a SD card.