Memory-Foam Synthetiser Help needed

Hello everyone, first-time poster here. So I recently purchased a Funduino kit, along with a pressure/force sensor.

Basically, I'm trying to build a synth, with force induced keys using the force sensors. Each key should be made out of memory-foam, placed on top of the sensor.

When pressed, the foam is to send that information through the sensor, to the arduino board, then once released, the idea would be to have the sound fade away (another idea would be to have a note going from one octave to another depending on the pressure applied on the key).

So far I'm a bit lost in that vast Arduino ocean. I followed the basic tutorials (blink, fade, etc) aswell as some found on the net : Force sensor related :

I'm still struggling to understand basic code, but I'll get there.. eventually.

I'm trying to figure out how to produce a sound, so far I have a buzzer/piezo, but it's not really ideal for making music...

Any tips, ideas ? Know any good tutorials or related projects ? Do you guys even think the project is feasible ?

Oh one last question : should I get a mp3 Shield for such a project ?

Thanks !

Hey, since there's still no replies, I'll up this thread a bit, adding a few more informations :

First, a picture of my proto so far :

And the setup :

And here is the line of code :

int fsrAnalogPin = 0; int Amp = 11; int fsrReading; int AmpInt;

void setup(void) { Serial.begin(9600); pinMode(Amp, OUTPUT); }

void loop(void) { fsrReading = analogRead(fsrAnalogPin); Serial.print("Analog reading = "); Serial.println(fsrReading);

AmpInt = map(fsrReading, 0, 2000, 0, 2000);

analogWrite(Amp, AmpInt);

delay(0); }

So basically I fetched a code from a PressureSensor tutorial, replacing the LED with a piezo buzzer. When i press the foamKey, a small beeping noize is heard.

Right now I'm searching for a way to change the sound, or at least the tone, I'd also like to plug some speakers ans something to change the volume. I'm considering using a MIDI setup, so I bought a Adafruit MP3 Shield, but quite frankly I'm completely lost on how to use it.

Anyone willing to give me some guidance on where to start for writing code ? Mix and matching lines of code ?

Any help is appreciated :)