Memory type circuit

I need to make a memory type circuit with the Arduino Duemilanove. I just ordered the Arduino Duemilanove it is my first arduino. The circuit is going to be used in a fireworks firing system. I have two wireless transmitters that have 12 buttons on each transmitter.

The transmitter is made up of 24 illuminated momentary push buttons. There are 12 buttons that select individual slates each slat is made up of 12 cues. I want to be able to know what fireworks have been fired off each slat. Lets say I select slat two that button will illuminate showing me that slat is selected. Now all the cue buttons will illuminate showing me none of the fireworks have been fired off that slat.

If I press a cue button the light will go out for that cue showing it has been fired. When I select another slat all the cue buttons will illuminate once more showing all cues are hot. If I go back to a slat that I have fired cues off of the cue buttons that have been fired will not be illuminated showing what cue have been fired. I hope this is understandable. Any idea on how I can do this???

Here is the link to my transmitter so you can get a better idea what I am talking about.