I just got the uno and am having a blast working on it. The problem is my simple program seems to be using close to half the memory. I assume the comments are not compiles so it would not help to delete them. I did get the SD card. Is it possible to use it as memory. Or maybe to load modules as I go so I can do more with this board? I know a duo or mega are huge steps up in memory, just trying to make due with what I have now.


Sd card, no
If you are just starting out I sure the UNO will due for a while.
May want to look at a Bobuino in the future also.

People coming from PC / Mac often find Arduino's memory small.
However there are many coding techniques and tricks to reduce the memory usage.

Post your code and we can probably pinpoint some memory hotspots.

Thanks. I know I can reduce. Just have to get smarter about it. I will keep your offer in mind If I run out. I am also thinking about the duo (but I don't like the lack of 5v) or the mega (small concern about the pins being different for some shields). Also like the analog output option of the duo. decisions decisions. lol

Not because I am hell bent on doing it, but just cause I like to think outside the box, Isn't there any way to write to the memory from the uno? that I could potentially find a way to load code modules?

Remember that when you upload a sketch it includes a considerable amount of code from the Arduino runtime environment, as well as any other libraries you are using, and this all takes up memory. It's easy to squander memory with inefficient code, but also possible to do a lot with little memory if you code it carefully. There are also Arduinos with more memory. You can't directly execute code on an SD card. It would be possible to use one Arduino to load code from the card onto another Arduino for execution, but this would be so slow and cumbersome that it would be useless in practical terms. The closest you could get to executing code on an SD card in practical terms would be to use the Bitlash interpreter or similar to run scripts saved on the card.

cool. thanks for the info.

Or go midway for expansion on cards.
My "Bobuino" is a Atmega1284P based card that you can assemble your self.
128K flash, 16K SRAM (twice that of Mega2560). 32 IO pins, with 2 hardware serial ports.
DIP processor so you can replace it when you damage it.
Also available as an assembled board.