memset & memmove

Hello, I have a very simple question but I don't know how it works...

Could someone explain to me exactly how "memset" & "memmove" works?
I think they are declared in two ways, one as a function (void memset) and another that goes inside a function. I can't find a clear explanation for myself.


Here is a starter

Hmm… so does memmove copy what’s in the second parameter to the first parameter? Is the third parameter used to move it a certain number of times?
I don’t know if you can show me an example, because I didn’t quite understand what you sent.

And memset pliz, Im new in this...

memset is the very next function down on the left, in the link that I sent you.

Can you show me an example pliz?

There are examples in the link I posted.

(sp. “please”)

The document you were directed to says everything that can be said, albeit in a manner that leaves it inaccessible to you.

Use your best common sense and invest real time. Read it very carefully.

You could also read some of those same documents for functions you do know about and see if you develop get a feel for how to read big-boy programmer talk.

Because you are going to have to, sooner later.


That's like getting to the International space station and wondering what the airlock is for. How'd you get to a place where you need to know this kind of thing?

-jim lee