memsic 2125 breadboard wiring help

Hi All, I'm trying to get the correct wiring happening for my accelerometer, but its outputting some unpredictable results.

I followed the tutorial from and uploaded the sample code ok.

My wiring looks like (apologies for the poor quality mobile phone pic)

and the output from the arduino serial window reads: X+11880 Y+9184 X+11896 Y+9184 X+11896 Y+9176 X+11880 Y+9200 X+11880 Y+9128 X+11952 Y+8960 X+9896 Y+9416 X+10688 Y+8896 X+12632 Y+7520 X+12800 Y+7344 X+11840 Y+8912 X+9904 Y+9400 X+10080 Y+9128 X+11048 Y+7616 X+12560 Y+6536 X+12024 Y+7992 X+10856 Y+9056 X+11984 Y+9200 X+11880 Y+9200 X+11880 Y+9200 X+11896 Y+9200 X+11896 Y+9200

The numbers do change slightly when I tilt/turn the breadboard, but I find it odd that the numbers are always positive, no matter which way I turn/tilt the accelerometer.

Any help appreciated. The code used is identical to the tutorial at

just found some code at the bottom of the page here - which seems somewhat more reliable

Would still appreciate any confirmation of whether I have it wired correctly - I'm getting some numbers back from the output, so I guess I am!