Memsic Accellerometer problems

Dear All,

I am using the Memsic 1215 Accellerometer as specified in the Arduino examples and with the exact same code. Previously it was working fine, outputting integers between -1000 and 1000 (approximately). Now however it is not giving integers, but as I move the sensor it is displaying
data in the serial monitor as follows:

[ch61553][ch61553][ch61553][ch61472][ch61472][ch61553][ch61553][ch7843][ch7843][ch61553][ch7843][ch7843][ch7843][ch7843][ch61553][ch61553][ch61553][ch7843][ch7843][ch7843][ch7843][ch7843][ch61553][ch61553][ch61553][ch61553] etc

does anyone have any ideas on what is happening?

Many thanks

the quickest answer I can think of is that the serial speed in the Arduino IDE is wrong...
if the speed is different from the one specified in the code the data will look like garbage.

are you sure you haven't modified anything at all in the code?



Thanks for that! It worked when I had changed the Baud rate to 9600.

Thanks very much!