menu library for GLCD ks0108 128*64

Hello everyone, do we have any menu library for GLCD? I am working on a certain project where i need to use menu for many tasks like password and all. please guide.

The menu system should be independent of the display. Only the presentation depends on the display. So pick a menu library that you think will suite your needs.

I found this one in the playground: It’s a bit outdated and I don’t know if there are other/better ones.

To use it.
Download the zip
Use sketch → include library → add .ZIP library; this will add the library to the user’s library directory.
Navigate to the user’s library directory; on a Windows system, C:\Users\yourUserName\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Menu
You will need to modify MenuItem.h, SubMenu.h and Menu.h. Find the line include “WProgram.h” in each of those files and replace it by #include <Arduino.h> as shown below

//#include "WProgram.h"
#include <Arduino.h>

It’s a bit rough but will do the trick.
Compiling the example sketch will still cause problems due to missing function prototypes. Add the prototypes for menuUsed and menuChanged as shown below

#include <SubMenuItem.h>
#include <SubMenu.h>
#include <MenuItem.h>
#include <Menu.h>

// prototypes
void menuUsed(ItemUseEvent event);
void menuChanged(ItemChangeEvent event);


Next you can play. The example uses serial, you need to modify to make use of your display.

Above procedure tested with IDE 1.8.5.