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I have been trying to get a library that will work with I2C LCDs and not use A/D resistor divider button/keypad. I at first wanted to go for an encoder for user input but most do not work with the encoders that I have available. So in the end I decided on one switch per IO pin.

I have looked at a few libraries that are capable of doing what I want but the documentation (if any) is inadequate and I have not been able to make them work. The latest one that looked promising was MENWIZ but I got compile errors on their simple demo. My guess is that it worked with older versions of the Arduino IDE.

What I am trying to do is to make a two part four zone temperature controller. One arduino for the user interface talking serially to the arduino that does the control functions. There will be a RTC and logging of the data on the Display side. The control side will have 8 thermocouple inputs and four outputs.

I need to retrieve settings from external eeprom (plug in), do a ramp/soak/fall control with alarm settings for high/low temperature deviation. I need to be able to start/pause/stop the job. Show temperature and time status. Make adjustments to the temp setting, and set the clock.

I'm a hardware guy. I have been designing electronics for 30 years. I have normally handed over the hardware to the software programmers. I want to get into some software programming so I took on a personal project outside of work. I had written code before but it was all assembly language programming, many moons ago. I thought the Arduino platform would be ideal for me to get into programming. Lots of available code. Unfortunately not always quality code.

So anyone have any suggestions on what I can use that will work with the current IDE version and be understandable?