Menu library that works with Arduino 1.0?

I've tried a few menu libraries and they all break on Arduino 1.0, seems to be related to the change of getting ride of BYTE. I'm not experienced enough to try to fix those libraries.

I'm using a 16x2 LCD with 6 buttons from DFrobots. Does anyone have any suggestions for a menu library I could use with it? Worse case I guess I could go back to an older version of Arduino.

Replace all commands print(value, BYTE) with write(value).

Honestly, unless there is some driving need for some of the new capabilities in 1.0
I'd just stick with 0022 or 0023 for a while longer. It will be a while before
all the actively maintained libraries and project get updated to be able to compile with 1.0

You can load multiple versions of arduino on the same machine
so you can experiment and use either of them.

--- bill

No commands look like that in the example or in the header files.

The only place I can find byte is in lines like these:

virtual bool select(byte select);
virtual void setCurrentIndex( byte select );

I’m trying to use the Menu library from Alexander Brevig, it’s also referencing WProgram.h which isn’t present anymore. Instead of me spending hours trying to fix this library do you know of one that works with Arduino 1.0?

The WProgram.h file was renamed to Arduino.h in 1.0. That is a simple change you can make. If there are errors beyond that, post the error messages, and the specific library you are using, and we'll help you resolve them.

It was easier to just go back to 0023 and use NewSoftSerial instead of the new SoftSerial. I got MenuBackend to compile, now just trying to get it set correctly. It's wrinkling my brain but I think I'm figuring it out. Thanks for the help.