Menu using PROGMEM

So I've been reading and searching on how to get my menu into PROGMEM but it just doesn't seem to work. I've done a lot of readings and copy what others have posted but it doesnt work. It compiles and uploads just fine but does not show up on the LCD like before when it has not changed. Am I missing something?

// Setup Progmem for Menu
  char MENUTEXT_Backlight[] PROGMEM = "Backlight";

  //Menu variables
  MenuBackend menu  = MenuBackend(menuUsed,menuChanged);
  //initialize menuitems
      MenuItem BackLight = MenuItem(MENUTEXT_Backlight); //changed this to test it out but it does not work
        MenuItem BackLight10 = MenuItem("10%");
        MenuItem BackLight20 = MenuItem("20%");
        MenuItem BackLight30 = MenuItem("30%");
        MenuItem BackLight40 = MenuItem("40%");
        MenuItem BackLight50 = MenuItem("50%");
        MenuItem BackLight60 = MenuItem("60%");
        MenuItem BackLight70 = MenuItem("70%");
        MenuItem BackLight80 = MenuItem("80%");
        MenuItem BackLight90 = MenuItem("90%");
        MenuItem BackLight100 = MenuItem("100%");

You've got a mix of PROGMEM and RAM strings there, so unless you've got overloads to cope with those for your function MenuItem, that can never work.

Maybe if, as you were asked in your other thread, you posted all your code, we might be able to help.

I figure they were 2 different issues so I was going to create to different post. Any how I can just have it in one.

I see that others have got it work but their was not example code so I'm kind of stuck.

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