MenuBackend Navigation


I have intergrated MenuBackend into a sketch. What I would like to know; Is it possible to jump to another part of the menu while navigating inside the said menu. ie. Menu Root - Sub menu A - menu A Sub 1 - Sub menu B - menu B Sub 1 - menu B Sub 2

If the user selects an item in 'menu B Sub 2' I would then like it to display or go to 'menu A Sub 1' At the moment I have to do something like

 if (beerCur == tapA) {
    tapCur = 1;

This take user to another part of the menu. Its ok in this example, but once the user is deeper into the menu, having to use menu.moveUp() menu.moveLeft() etc to take the user to a certain part of the menu, can be rather long winded.

Is it possible to jump straight to the menuItem that you need? I couldnt see anything in the Keywords that indicated this but I am a noob and may have over looked something.

Any help appreciated.