Mesh Network IP changing

Hi everyone,

I have a wifi controlled tank running on a Wemos D1 mesh network that's being fed by my home internet.

The camera (esp32-cam) logs onto the system and I can use it. As I drive the tank away the camera hops onto another node and still works, but as I get a little farther away it hops onto the final node and I lose the IP address.

I'm noticed that some of the mesh nodes are using 192.168.1.xx and some of them are using 10.24.1.xx

When I lose connection to the camera I have a cmd window open running arp -a to see all of the ip addresses and my camera on is gone.

Anyone know what I can do to keep the ip address or if I have the ip address of the node at can I somehow log into that node and find out what the new ip address is for the camera? I don't mind manually switching at all it's kind of fun.

BTW this project is for my twin 4 year old boys and is in no way for me as a grown adult... haha