Message board with arduino uno rev 3


I need to make a project voor school for my exams. I need a code for a message board with 4 dot matrix displays van kingsbright. The IC that i use is the MAX7219CNG.

The schematic of my project is atached as a image.

  • the text needs to be adjustable
  • the speed of the words need to be adjustable

Kind regards,

I need to make a project voor school for my exams.

This section of the forum is intended to be for posters who are willing to pay for help.

Is that what you are looking for and, if so, how will it be you that makes the project ?

If you want to do it yourself then please use "Report to moderator" and ask for the topic to be moved to Project Guidance

I wonder how many years of education will be examined here, since this is your first project with Arduino.

Did you do any attempt for setting up a code yourself?
If so, please share it and restate your question towards a request for participance and/or guidance.

@jvdooij, please do not cross-post. Thread locked.