Message Box (HELP!!)

Hi, I’m not really that great with tech but I want to try and put together a device that can receive drawn pictures or typed messages from an app on a mobile phone. I have an Arduino Uno and I was thinking about getting an Arduino Tft to display said messages and pictures. Main thing I was wondering is if someone could help me out with figuring out all the components that I would need. I basically want to make one of those Lovebox messengers. All advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

What you ask is a major project, before starting I would spend a few months using YouTube tutorials on all of the various parts of your project so you understand what you have to do to interface with the app, and the arduino. This will get you into Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, C, Electronics and many other areas. Purchase a Arduino Cookbook and be sure you understand what is in it. This response is to help you get started in solving your problem, not solve it for you.
Good Luck & Have Fun!

An Uno doesn't have the memory or sheer horsepower to deal with images, and lacks connectivity.

Instead look at the ESP8266 processor (much more memory; built-in WiFi for phone connection), it can easily control a small TFT display, 320x480 pixels or so it can handle fine. Popular development boards are the NodeMCU and WeMOS D1 Mini.

Or its big brother, the ESP32, which also offers built-in Bluetooth, heaps more memory and processing power. Look for the NodeMCU 32, or the WeMOS ESP32 boards.

Thank you both. I do plan on thanking a while to research and work my way up to being able to do this. I just needed a place to start and you’ve provided that. Thank you again!

This is the kind of project where the programming is going to be the main challenge.

Wiring up a display is easy (lots of tutorials out there that show you exactly how to do it).

Adafruit has a great graphics library, makes it really easy to draw lines and so on your display. I have never tried to display images or so, should be quite straightforward to do. Never tried to read back touch input from a display.

Probably the hardest part is the communication with your phone, and writing the two programs so they can work together properly.