message erreur infuseur de thé

Bonjour à tous, c'est mon premier projet Arduino et je veux mettre en oeuvre le projet infuseur de thé. Je recopie le programme puis active la vérification.
Mais le msg suivant s'affiche :

In function 'void loop()':

sketch_feb04a:27: error: 'min_tea' was not declared in this scope

Qu'est ce que ça signifie ?
Merci pour votre aide !!!

On line 27, in the loop() function, you are referring to a variable "min_tea", but this variable has not been declared anywhere (at least not anywhere in scope for loop()) - any variable must be declared before you use it. This lets the compiler know what datatype you want it to be and (by virtue of where your declaration is) what scope you want it to be in.

We can't help more without seeing your code. Saying "the tea infuser project" doesn't tell anything. There are probably tens or hundreds of "tea infuser" projects.

Finally, if you do not speak english, you should make sure to post in the language-appropriate section of the forum.