Message Playback for Washer

My washer doesn't have a cycle done alarm. So I would like to use a message playback module to play
a message four or five times such as " Your wash is done. " upon cycle completion.

Either using a standalone module or a module with an Arduino Mini Pro . But, all the modules I have found so far are rather pricey for what I want to do. I don't consider $25 to $50 as reasonable for my application.

So, can anyone point me toward a module that would work and at a reasonable price ?


What you consider reasonable is not realistic.

However if you can do with about 2 seconds of sound you can do it with no stand alone module.

Thanks Grumpy_Mike.

Looks like I will just put a 555 beeper circuit on it .
That's what I did for my dryer and it works ok.

I wanted to get a bit more fancy but apparently it's not worth the cost.
Sometimes cheap and dirty gets the job done.

Well if you just want a bleep then why not use the tone function and save yourself the 555.