Message to voice and then transmitted


I am hoping for help (lots of it) with a project.

I operate/manage/own an FM voice amateur radio repeater on the 70cm/440Mhz band. It is on a rack in a server room, so I have computing power and Internet access.

I would like to be able to send SMS or email messages that will then be converted to voice and transmitted, some at regular intervals and others in response to a repeater user's entry of a series of DTMF tones.

The repeater has audio in and out and a line brought low will switch it from receive to transmit.

I looked around and see some speech synthesizer shields, but what I found sounded like 1980's robot voices. Anything out there more human sounding?

I don't have much Arduino experience, so I need lots of help.

Thank you,


A PC based text to speech would likely produce the most "human sounding" speech.

As far as voice modules go, I think the Emic 2 is the best I've used (I've used a total of four (or five) different text to speech modules so I'm sure there are modules I haven't tried).