Messing around with interrupts

I took a program off the ladyada site to cycle a string of analog RGB LED's through the different colors. Pretty straight forward stuff. I've been playing around with the delay function and found that it wasn't good enough for my buttons so I began to explore interrupts. Before I started playing with interrupts i would use the following code to make an cycle from off to blue. After playing with interrupts and buttons, no RGB LED STRIP, I came back to the LED program and the code was the same but now the values for on and off are reversed

int redPin = 2;
int greenPin = 3;
int bluePin = 4;

void setup()
  pinMode(redPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(greenPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(bluePin, OUTPUT);

void loop ()
  analogWrite(redPin, 255);  // Red LED's are off
  analogWrite(bluePin, 0);   // Blue LED's are on 

0 is now low/off and 255 is now high/on. Is it possible I messed something up with playing around with the interrupts. Am I going mad? All my apps that dealt with the colors are the same just the LED's are lighting up differently now.

I'm sure the problem is somewhere else; 0 is off and 255 is high. Have a look here:

There are 2 types of RGB LEDs: "common cathode" and "common anode". If you connect the common cathode ones to PWM pin (the common pin will be connected to GND), the LED is fully ON if you analogWrite 255 to it. The common anode ones must have the common pin connected to +5V, and if you analogWrite 0 to them the logic is inverted, with 0 being fully ON and 255 fully OFF. That being said, it shouldn't be your problem unless you are now using different RGB LEDs. The code you show does nothing except turning red LEDs ON and blue ones OFF (if common cathode), or red OFF and blue ON (if common anode). You can mess up whatever with interrupts; when you power down or reset the Arduino everything you did just disappears. Unless you (electrically) screwed a pin on the Arduino (connect a simple LED with resistor to each of the PWM outputs and run one of the dimming sketches to see if they are still working properly).

bgowdey: Is it possible I messed something up with playing around with the interrupts.

No. What is your wiring? Are you using resistors?