mesuring rotation of shaft

Hello all,
I working on a project and want to measure degree of the shaft rotated.

I have already tried to use a potentiometer but it turned out that it could be roatated only up to certain degrees rather than 360 degrees. Also encoder seemed to be less accurate.

Are their any other option to solve this problem??

Thanks in Advance

What encoder did you try? You can get encoders with a very large number of pulses per revolution.

You can also get multi-turn potentiometers.

What amount of angular error would be acceptable +/- how many degrees or minutes?


Do need continuous rotation? Or some limit?

Do need continuous rotation? Or some limit?

As far my concern, IT should be able to rotate at least 360 degrees

What is the maximum rotation?

If there's a limit, a multiturn pot may work. If there's no limit, you need an encoder.

Can you put a tiny bar magnet on the end of the turning shaft? A linear Hall sensor can get the angle a few times per millisecond.