Metal / Object Detector 1 meter max below ground Mapping

Dear Team

Greetings !

My object is to do ground mapping max 1 meter depth, If you could suggest possibility of greater depth, it is good for me, but for now , I am targeting just 1 meter depth max.

I want to do ground mapping and find out the metals etc.

Can you suggest what is the possibility of sensors to be used ?

If you could map the sensors output to a neat map, that will be good further, but for now I am just targeting to get the output which will help me do ground mapping of objects buried underground max 1 meter depth.

Any help would help me. You can call this a ground penetrating radar also (I don't know, you can take a call on this)

Please note I have got some readings over internet what i understood (I am not a electronics engineer, sorry for any mistakes in understanding this) is that some uhf/ vhf TX/RX, microwave detectors, ultrasonic sound detectors, infrared, thermal (some say that only oscilloscope can do the task) can do the task, but I am not aware how arduino can map this. I don't want arduino to do all data processing. I want arduino to just create a file in sd card which I can process with the help of other tools later and create a nice looking ground radar map with the help of sensor values. Maybe I will also look forward to have some nice gui which will just keep on relaying the values of the sensors used like a speedometer on the dashboard screen in realtime, that's it.

GPR (ground penetrating radar) can do this.

I don't think regular metal detectors come close to the 1m depth you're looking for detecting metal objects.


Thank you for your response at first sight. Thank you for the answer as well.

If you think GPR can do this, can you please name the sensors and technique used. I am not asking for the details of programming and all, I want just the technique and sensors used with arduino to map the ground in 2d/ 3d. Also if you could tell something on how the output file (maybe a GPR file) is read would resolve my purpose.

I am not aware of which of the sensors data will plot to the GPR 2d diagram/ 3d diagram of ground.

Thanks in advance.

Enter words "arduino ground penetrating radar" into favorite internet search engine.


Thanks for your answer, but I found project from which is PI compliant, I am looking for arduino compliant. Can you point out if anyone has built up a GPR which is arduino compliant ? The concerned is not online since 2015 as per the page specifies.

I found this though

but it detects only motion

Thank you.

Take the RPi code and convert it to C++.

I have never built a GPR system, only seen them being used on TV. Doesn't look like a great Arduino project for the quantity of data gathered by the things. It is one of the few techniques that can do what you ask for, which is not an easy thing to do in the first place.

I found this though

Nice sensors that are, very sensitive. Indeed only motion, though they do penetrate walls quite well, I assume soil as well. No use for your specific project, they also only tell you there is motion not where that motion is (and it's truly omnidirectional, so it can be anywhere in the 3D space around it).