Metalic object as button (conductive interface)


I have a sculpture made of copper.
I d like know how to dispatch an event when someone touches playing a sound...

I'm testing it with a metalic plate and a Led on 13 pin.
I'd like to touch the plate and my contact would make it work as a button.

Any suggestions?
thanks in advance,


Some people have done things like running a wire to a pin on the Arduino, and then reading it.

I know that's really vague, but I can't remember how they did it.. :stuck_out_tongue: I want to say it was called something like "Arduino as a Capacitive Touch Sensor"..

Thanks!! I 'm reading.
I didnt know how to look for it!

Yup, those are them! Thanks to you for finding them. I might try this :P.

You can also use the pickup from the body to inject a signal into the electronics. It uses external parts but is more reliable.
There are many examples on the net, a good robust one is:-

A much simpler one is:-