Meter Information Station

Figured I would do a little bit of showing off (and share the code or course) of my first Arduino based project.

Its based on Tom Igoe's 'Net Data Meter' project from 'Making Things Talk' and Make: 11.

Comments question and feedback are welcome... (esp on my code.)

I've been ogling your meter project since it appeared on the MAKE blog. Great job! It's too bad that meters like those are so hard to come by; did you just hunt them down through ebay or something? From your text and photos, it looks like they are a mix of 0 - 3 volt and 0 - 1 volt DC meters. Are you just sending the PWM signal through a voltage divider on each meter?

PS: you can still use the AC meter, you'll just have to adjust for the slight voltage difference after the (presumably) built in rectifier.

Thanks for the kind words.

Yeah it took a few weeks searching on ebay before I found them. I thought about a voltage divider, but figured it was easier just to scale the PWM values in software.

Can you tell me more about the modifications/adjustments that i would need to make to use the AC meter?


Generate a 60hz sine wave

Feed it to the appropriate audio amplifier amplifier. Control the volume with either a digital SPI pot or PWM.

Couple it to the meter with a non-polarized capacitor. Small non electrolytic one.