metering pumps with my Arduino board


Je rechercherais une façon de relier des pompes doseuses avec ma carte arduino de façon a libérer de petites quantités de liquide très précise (quelque ml)Pouvez vous m'aidez à trouvez ces pompes compatible avec ma carte ? De plus Je dois impérativement trouver des pompes très petite (le plus possible)

Hello, I was looking for a way to connect metering pumps with my Arduino board so a release small amounts of highly accurate liquid (some ml) Can you help me find these pumps is compatible with my card? Also I must imperatively find very small pumps (as possible)

Pumps have motors, motors can be driven... Given the right motor driver.

Find a pump first I guess.

You could use a peristaltic pump driven by a stepper motor to dispense liquid very accurately.

Hi Bentibi, I had a good results with small diaphragm pumps from KNF. The pump was on for a short time (a couple of seconds) every other morning to dose 8ml of liquid. It was very precise, I used AVR to count number of doses (besides timing) and then calculate against the holding tank in which I prepared 400ml every few months. In the end, it all comes to your application and budget, maybe my 'precise' is unacceptable for you.