Method for device positioning in an enclosed environment

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I will preface this question by explaining the constraints of my project. I would like to build an rc device capable of maneuvering around obstacles in a predetermined course of which i have the dimensions of to the nearest millimetre. The course will be 4 metres wide and 10 metres long on level with 4 obstacles (traffic cones) to avoid on said course. I am looking for a method of obtaining the position of my rc device (let’s say car) while it navigates the course so I may relay this to an Arduino Uno which will be giving the RC car directions based on where it is on the course. Basically my goal is to create a vehicle that using some sort positioning mechanism is able to navigate the course autonomously.

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"I am looking for a method of obtaining the position of my rc device (let's say car) while it navigates the course"

Very popular topic on the forum. Use the forum Google search function in the upper right of this page to search for the key words of your project like "object location". You will probably find many similar previous project discussions and code to get you started.