method to measure liquid level?

I have just started using arduino.For one of my projects i have to measure 4-20 ma,convert it to engineering units( for eg.20 mA = 10 Litre/minute),also calculate total volume of liquid over a period of time.I have made the hardware,tesyed it & i have made the codings to get correct results upto reading flow crate in ltrs/ minute.but i am not able to make the totaliser(volume 0 coding.Can some one help me


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To get a good start expand your definition of the problem with specifications including a flow chart and schematic. Define what is the expected outcome. I would suggest purchasing the Arduino cookbook and reading it, this will give you some basics. also use the online tutorials and videos available, there are many good ones on this web site.

Just off the top when we measure flow for example in LPM, GPM or units of our choice we refer to it as rate ans meters designed to do this are most commonly called a Rate Meter. When we measure the liquid volume over a unit of time it is called a Totalizer Meter. If I simply Google "Totalizer function Arduino" i get a bunch of hits. It's all about definitions.