Methods of using buttons and reliability

Hello all ! I've been looking around at ways to add buttons to a project "so many ways Smh...." but most have a pro and con ! i need solid reliability nothing that could change or swing with temp or time .. So does this mean using only 1 or 2 buttons per pin ? if this is so i could live with it i just wanted to know. i've seen a lot of ways to add buttons but they seem like trouble.

As long as pins are available, one button per pin is the simplest and most reliable approach. If a very large number of buttons is needed, then multiplexing or an I/O expander are options.

i do have spare pins the project is some what simple but what i have is 3 spare digital pins and all of the analog pins. i need four buttons i could use the analogs but i haven't learned how to change a pins usage. i ask because i never want to use a method that could become unreliable over time. bad habbit's become hard to break !

In addition to their ADC function, analog pins also function identically to digital pins, so they'd work perfectly fine.

Thanks alot GOOGLE sometime can be a monster !