MF522-AN RFID Reader off eBay

After searching and searching and not finding ANYTHING useful to do with my RFID Reader off eBay as seen here:

I decided it was time that SOMEBODY put something USEFUL up. Okay. Starting with the pinout (which is completely backwards!)

My RFID reader has J8 on the left hand side of the pins, so I only assumed this was Pin 8 (not all the pictures I could find had this “J8” printed on the board, but it’s the bottom left pin when the pins are facing down [the closest one to the crystal]). I found (after an endless night of troubleshooting) that the pin configurations on the ebay site were all backwards (along with other programs such as my bootloader on my Mega 2560, etc… But that’s a different topic)

Written on the board:
Name: MF522-AN
Design: C_CL
Date: 10-06-10

So… Starting from J8 (the bottom left hand pin) and going right I have the following pin configuration (for MEGA 2560) :
8 —> SS —> 53
7 —> SCK —> 52
6 —> MOSI —> 51
5 —> MISO —> 50
4 —> Nothing
3 —> M-GND
2 —> RST —> Digital Pin 5
1 —> M+3.3V

Here’s the orignal (and very hard to come by) code:
<Will Post Soon URL Soon - I want a permanent link>

Other Code Links:
I used: ← In “Project 15” Folder ← Download code but change chipSelectPin to 53 not 10 (Should work - Same code as above (I THINK) except for that change I just mentioned)

I hope this post has saved somebody 9.68 hours. Half the reason I’m posting it is for future reference (for frig sakes)!

Edit: I realize J8 is probably for the holes near the pins - possibly for a jumper, but c’mon! There’s an 8 there! It seems like a pin reference! Bastages.

Edit 2: Wow, I pretty crabby about this. haa

Hello everyone,
I was on the same trouble you had with that RFID module. I was looking for more information about how the code could be simplified when I found that page:

It same is the same code you sent but getting all that horrible code on a library, making it much more simple.
I hope it will be useful for someone else.

Hi guys I have a similar module but mine only has 7 pins it has the same mark MF522-AN,
can any body post some code for this , it is supposed to be a reader /writer and comes with a key ring tag and a white card,,

hope you can help I have tried all the same sites mentioned in this post but to no avail