MFRC522 - Changing the antenna

Hello everybody, I hope you're doing ok :smiley: I have this "simple" question for anyone who knows about the mfrc522 module, and how is it works. I want to change the antenna that came whit the original module, by cutting the tracks. I have a new antenna that has all the same properties (resistance, capacitance, resonance, etc), but I don't really know where neither how to connect it. I think that doing it like showed on the below image should be okey, but I don't fully know. I found it on the web, but this image was a response to another question, and it was a negative answer... So, if anyone knows if this conection it's okey, or how to do it, could you please help me? Thanks!

I would not do that.. Check for a center tap

I would not do that.. Check for a center tap

I checked it but I don't understand how it would be useful for me..
thanks for the reply!