mfrc522 mhd.PICC_DumpMifareClassicSectorToSerial function

hi every body
in last version of mfrc522 library:
in end of the program & after other functions like increement/decreement or reading/writing blocks why we use this function?
what does it do?it is necessary to use it,after other functions?
comments are not clearly explained
thanks every body

what does it do?

Doesn't the function name convey enough information? Without knowing what library you are talking about, and what code the call is in, I'd guess that the function dumps data about the card to the serial port.

it is necessary to use it,after other functions?

No. I don't think that it is even necessary to use it where it is used - based on the name of the function.

Post a link to the library, and the code you were supposed to post, for definitive answers.