MFRC522 without Arduino

I have previously used the MFRC522 RFID system succesfully with the arduino.I have a LPC based system into which i want to integrate the MFRC522.I have tried searching on google, but not getting any software help for LPC & MFRC.

It seems MFRC522 was made for Arduino only!!Can anyone suggest any good resource for this.i would really like to use a tested library for this.

It seems MFRC522 was made for Arduino only!

No. But, if you search on Ford's web site for Chevy radio data, you are bound to come to the conclusion that radios are only meant to be installed in Fords. Won't that be news to General Motors.

Why are you asking HERE about how to use some device with some other hardware? Why are you not asking THERE?