MG995 Servo operating voltage.

Hello All,
I am trying to run a hexapod - for which I am planning to use highcapacity 7.3V LiPo 5.3Ah battery.
I tried to find the datasheet for MG995 Servo - Some say it is 5V some say max is 20V.
I just want to confirm if I can use 7.3V directly without using 7805 ( as it supports only 1A)?

I'd be interested to see the sheet that says 20V......

Most servos are 4.8 to 6V, but I found two references to that one that say 7.2V. If you trust the 7.2 then I'd guess 7.3 would be ok.

But it certainly would be ok with 6 volts, 4.8 to 6 being standard, so if you don't trust the 7.2 get a 7806 and score a volt over a 7805.

let me try that....7806 - upports only 1.5A max....and i tested one servo...loaded it was taking 800mA....need to support 18-19 of them....

Yeah forum wisdom is to budget 1A per servo.....

Couple of points - a 2S LiPo cell puts out 8.4V fully charged, 7.2 nominal, so you have
to assume 8.4V worst case and check if the servo can tolerate that before driving directly.

Sounds like one voltage regulator per servo if not. That has the advantage that the
regulator over-current cutout will protect servo (and battery) if a servo cooks.

Add a fuse to the battery lead though, LiPo's can put out very large currents and you
don't want some acident to burn out all your wiring. Again budget 1A per servo in the
first instance.

Yes...thats what I wanted to ask...fully charged batries normally give out lot more voltage than rated...I saw a youtube vid n found the person was giving it 12V :smiley: