mg996R circuitry

Hello, over the years. I accumulated quite a few broken MG996R servos. Although these are cheap servos, still it is a waste to leave them to collect dust. The tiny circuit inside the servos are burnt out. Does anyone know where I can get just the circuit without buying the whple servo? Thanks


You have something looking like DC motors. Search for how to make DC motors run as servo.

Chip will more than likely be made by the servo maker and not available as a spare part.
$6 for a new servo, forget it.

Better to learn how NOT to fry them in the first place.

If the motors and plastic gearbox are okay, you could re-wire them as just small dc motors with gearbox.
Remove the mechanical stop on the potentiometer so it will rotate through full 360deg.

When you say "burnt out", do you mean "let the smoke out", "burnt out"?
Does not work properly "burnt out"?

Tom... :slight_smile: