MG996R Servo doesn't work so well

so i have a problem with my MG996R Servo's. The Problem is that the Servo's are working, but they can't move sometimes and only vibrating. I used a external 6 Volt Batterypack to power the Servo up and the Servo runs a little bit smother but not Perfect (with 4xAA Batteries). Do i need more power to run the Servo's the best. Thanks for the answers!

How many servos? What type of AA batteries?

Alkaline AAs aren't good for high currents. You might do better with 4 (or 5) NiMH rechargeable batteries.


Thank you for your fast answer!
I used Alkaline Batteries and I only use one Servo at the moment , but the Problem occurs with everyone (I have 3).

Alkalines for a single servo should be o.k. So it may be due to bad connections, like trying to connect servo power via a breadboard or with twisted wires or croc clips. Can you post a photo of your setup showing all the connections?


Sry for the late answer. I'm really sure that i connected all wires as good as possible. And i found out that the Metal gears are eventually to tight, so the motor tries to move but the motor can't move smoothly because of the tightness. But i don't now what i can do.

The stall current of those servos is 1.4 A, which is too high for AA alkaline batteries (the voltage of a 6V pack of fresh cells will drop to below 4.5V).

As suggested earlier, use a freshly charged, 5xAA NiMH pack or a power supply capable of at least 2 A at 5-6V.

Also, do not use a breadboard for servo or motor power as the tracks will burn. Solder the connections instead.