MHTiny ATTiny88, SoftwareSerial


i’ve got a MH-Tiny ATTiny88, where are the RX / TX Pins.
I had find a pinout.

But there are no description for RX and TX.

At the arduino board there is digital 0 for RX and digital 1 for TX.

Thanks for your help.



I had find a pinout.

From that link:

Sub-$2 MH-Tiny ATTINY88 Micro Development Board Provides an Alternative to BluePill Board

What a joke! You can't compare an ATtiny88 to an STM32. They're two completely different things.

I'm actually quite impressed by the quality of MH-ET LIVE's support for this board (partly because so many other 3rd party hardware manufacturers have set the bar so low).

Unlike the microcontrollers used on the standard Arduino boards, the ATtiny88 doesn't have a hardware serial interface on it so there are no fixed RX and TX pins on your board. You can use a software serial library to create a serial port on (I believe) any pins you like on your board but software serial does come with its limitations compared to hardware serial.

Wanting to save a few cents off a Chinese Nano derivative is not a valid reason for a hobbyist to use this board. This is a board to use if you want to learn how to work with the ATtiny88. There are significant differences between the ATtiny88 and the ATmega328P and these will make this board more challenging to work with.


thanks for your answer. The softwareserial is working.


Stefan Draeger