Micrium's µs/os-iii kernel integration with Atmel Studio

Hi, I have read in the site below that there is the RTOS called µs/os-iii in atmel studio. I have been looking for the µs/os-iii in atmel studio but I couldn’t find it does anybody know how to implement the rtos?


Micrium "Micrium's µC/OS-III Kernel helps save time for embedded MCU designers. Having µC/OS-III integrated in Atmel Studio, and easily available in the Atmel Gallery, provides developers with a commercial RTOS solution that allows them to build reliable devices — quickly." - Jean Labrosse, founder, CEO and president, Micrium

I have spent a lot of time trying to find uC/OS III in Atmel Studio. It may be that Atmel Studio only has support to make it easy to use the RTOS.

I found this brief statement but no other info. Seems the RTOS will be in Atmel Gallery.

Micrium uC/OS III (coming soon) •Popular, commercial RTOS •Example project, including uC/OS III kernel source code •Support for SAM3 and SAM4 architecture •Available through Atmel Gallery