Micro Communicating

I am new to Arduino and am on a project that requires us to use it. I was wondering if I can use the Arduino Micro with an XBee transmitter and receiver? I have to be able to communicate between two boards. Specifically, when a pin is pulled on the Uno, a signal is sent to the Micro which flashes an LED. The reason for possibly using a Micro is size. I want to keep the LED controlling mechanism as small as I can.

An XBee would be overkill for a small project like just blinking an LED.

I’d suggest Wireless Transmitter + Superregenerative Receiver Pair 433MHz - dipmicro electronics and EasyTransfer Arduino Library « The Mind of Bill Porter for the code to use it; these particular modules would use the VirtualWire library described on that page. Or of course the VirtualWire library on its own would work.

Maybe you could use IR data transfer as in this thread http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php/topic,10555.0.html. It's very cheap and compact.


Thanks for the links! Now what can I do if I need more than two boards to communicate with each other? The ultimate goal of this project is to have a signal sent to a bunch of the LED boards when the pin is pulled. Kind of like a security alarm, but I want a bunch of different boards across a wide range of distances to start blinking an LED. Is this possible? Again, I'm a newbie to all of this.

One master and several slaves is easy to arrange. The master transmits and all the slaves listen. If the slaves are to respond to different commands you could get the master to transmit an ID number and each slave would only work if it received its own ID.

It gets a little more complicated if you want the slaves to reply in which case you would probably need an organized system in which each was asked to reply in turn.