Micro-Controller Systems

The objective of the project is to implement a small example of an embedded control system based on the 32-Bit ARM-processor platform.

Typical examples of what i would like to build include climate control, engine management, smart power management.The objective is to use these to develop a small control application.

I would like to Add sensors using interfaces like SPI.

In addition to the I/O interfaces the development platforms should have some wireless technology such as Bluetooth or WIFI. These allow the user to connect to the controller wirelessly.

so im thinking of using the ESP32 together with sensors like the ultrasonic and the dht11 to build a tank. The dht11 will display temperature and humidity of the room and the ultrasonic measure the level of water in the tank and all together control something e.g if the temperature is high turn on the fan.

My biggest challenge is how do i build my own user interface where i can display all the varrying values and implement a small log file to view a history of all actions that transpired over a 24 hour period.

Any links or ideas on how to design a user interface that can do the above;
In summary ;

  1. display values of temp, humidity and distance
  2. log file to view history of all actions

Im not handing over the work to you

i have done some research and im struggling to come up with a solution. The best i could find was a cloud but even that most need you to subscribe and pay,

Any links and any help as to how i can design a UI

The first comment is that the ESP32, although an excellent device for such applications because of its performance and built in wifi/bluetooth, is not an ARM device - it uses a Tensilica based design.

One option for the user interface is to run a web server on the device and serve up the pages which the user uses to configure the application via a web browser on a wifi connected smartphone etc. That is the way I always do it for anything complex.

Yes but most web servers are only able to read the data but not save the data
For example you could display the tempearature or humidity but not be able to record that at this specific time the temperature was this.

Where can i actually get help of getting a webserver that logs in the data so i can be able to see the temperature at a certain point in time. From the time my sensor records adata i should be able to find out out a certain reading at a certain time within atleast a 24 hr period before this data is deleted tom store new incoming data

Im not sure if you get me

Take your example of temperature and humidity where you want also to display some history. Further assume you are using an ESP32. You have 2 main options.

  1. The ESP32 has the sensors for temperature and humidity directly attached and, at regular intervals, stores the results on the internal file system (spiffs). The ESP32 runs a web server. You write some code including HTML which displays the stored data, maybe the user can choose a range etc. The user contacts your ESP32 in your local WLAN, maybe with a smart phone, and uses the browser to navigate through the data.

2 Again the ESP32 collects the data at regular intervals, but instead of storing the data locally, it posts the data immediately to an external web server. No web server runs on the ESP32. All the work is done on the external web server which maybe has a MySQL database to store the data and PHP/HTML to present the data nicely to the users (which you have to write). In this case, your ESP32 is simply a Web Client. (search for LAMP servers or WAMP servers and arduino web client)