Micro hydro charge Controllers

Hey all... I’m looking for a little General guidance/feasibility or any helpful comments... not a full howto for the entire project! I’ve also completed more than a handful of Arduino projects...so not coming at this from dead zero...not expecting handouts. :slight_smile:

Ok.. the actual project scope... a battery charge Controller for hydro. I’ve built a hydro rig that’s working, and trying to transfer a working solar system/battery bank over to hydro.

From what I’ve read on hydro power (or wind..mostly the same).. is the controller doesn’t have to be as “smart” as it does with PV. So MPPT or other high efficiency PV charging methods don’t seem required (possible bad assumption?)

It seems the most popular approach for hydro is a diversion controller... which monitors battery voltage... and when it gets to max charge, it just diverts the incoming power to some resistive dump load. Wind system can apply braking to the turbine on max charge... but not so much on hydro as much more force on the blades. Must divert hydro, not brake.

So here is the Arduino angle... I’d like to built a divert -like controller... but not actually divert excessive power. My hydro rig is suspended on a winch and can be raised/lowered. I’d like to have Arduino monitor the battery voltage, and at full charge... just raise the rig out of the water.. or lower as charge is needed

Before I layout any more detail...does this seem viable or might there be a better overall approach?

The difference between wind and hydro, in most states, is the wind is yours, but the water belongs to the state and you need to have a permit. Do you?


The Arduino could certainly make the required measurements and send control signals, but that would be the simplest and easiest part of the project.

The electromechanical part comes first, I would think.