Micro Hydro Generator + Battery + Microcontroller

I have a project where I am measuring the flowrate and temperature and storing this information on a SD card + send the information via wireless ESP8266. I have a few other components running which puts my current at around 100 ma (with a likely burst of around 300ma when transmitting). It runs for about 10-15 minutes a day

I am using a 5V hydro generator to measure the flow (this has a regulator on it but I have soldered an additional wire on to the input and make a voltage divider to convert this into a useful analog input).. (I plan to use a mosfet to turn on and latch the power when the hydro generator runs)

What i want to achieve is to have this hydro generator supplement the battery. I am happy for the battery to be drained eventually, I would just like it to last longer by making use of the generators 50ma its generating while running.

Im happy to use any battery provided it can provide at least 2000mah.

Would something like this work for this application? https://www.sparkfun.com/products/12885

50mA? Any particular voltage it generates? Rather important to know that. In fact why not tell us what it actually is, not make us guess.

how much current does your micro hydrogenerator actually produce??
I meant when you measure it using equipment and not the one mentioned in the chinglish datasheet?
coz charging a 2000mA battery with 50mA for 15 minutes sounds like pointless to me since it charges about only 0.625%. Very Very Negligible. :stuck_out_tongue:

as for the battery charging unit, I would recommend you use a TP4056 v2 module instead of that sparkfun solar charging module. It costs about 1$ compared to your 24$ module.
Use it on a 18650 li-ion cell and your good to go. :slight_smile:

In fact why not tell us what it actually is, not make us guess.

I guess