Micro Infrared Bar Code Scanner

Posted this once, but got no replies.
Figured I would try to give this another shot for some advised direction.

Any one know of an Arduino Micro IR scanner module. It can not be like a pen scanner that you run along the barcode. The project box, were the scanner is housed, has to stay still, and when a button is pushed it will scan a barcode that the project box is sitting on, and send the code to an application running on a computer, tablet or smart phone via Blutooth LE (Bluetooth 4.1) The barcode would be printed up using invisible IR ink from an ink jet so the scanner has to be able to read in the IR spectrum.

Any advice would be apreciated, including if I should try to do this with micro IR camera and rely on optical recognition software to interprate, not a barcode, but actual invisible IR printed digits.

Hi, have you used the "search the arduino forum" window in the top righthand of your screen, try just barcode, there are quite a few threads that have discussed barcode readers.

What you describe is basically a supermarket laser bed barcode scanner, common items, but how you connect and read the output is not in my field. However you requiring IR , the barcode and all, sounds like some specialist gear.

Invisible IR Ink, I think you mean IR reflective.

Tom.... :)

TomGeorge: Invisible IR Ink, I think you mean IR reflective.

I think he also means that it cannot be seen in the visible spectrum. I don't know of such an ink. There are UV 'invisible' inks that are used to mark property.

os-hybrid: Posted this once, but got no replies.

No replies other than the replies you got, you mean.