Micro & ISP

atmega32u4 failed me dismally on the leo so binned it, was tempted by the micro& it too failed just a few hrs after getting it. (all my uno's continue to work well atmega328).

I got aisp to try and salvage the micro butits just not bootloading nor sketch loading. has anyone had any joy with the MICRO & ISP?

feel very f*** over by arduino at the moment, feels like they sell s**t for good money!

Your experience is atypical, normally people have install problems, that's common. But once it's working, Arduino boards rarely spontaneously stop working. The fact that you've killed two of them, and they had the same chip, leads me to belive that you may be doing something that causes it.

What were you doing with it when it failed? What was connected to it when it failed and what is connected to it now?

Please post the full text of any and all error messages received.

Are you using official Arduino/Genuino boards or clones?

In any event, you should be able to reload the bootloader via ISP (and maybe even DFU) if that's what you've somehow messed up.