Micro not sending serial data

Hi, I created a sketch and a VB project with a uno board. The uno reads an analog sensor then sends that data to vb to display in a progress bar. It has been working great. Then I wanted to get the micro. So I wired it up the same, uploaded the same sketch (changed board type), and now it won't work with my vb program.

What I have noticed is, if I open the serial monitor in the Arudino ide I see the incoming serial data, and the tx light is on on the micro. When I open my vb program the rx light blinks when the program opens the port, but does nothing else (no tx light). If I close the vb program, the rx light blinks again.

Am I doing something wrong? I know the drivers are installed correctly. If they weren't I wouldn't be able to see the incoming data in serial monitor, right?

Thanks, Victor.

Try telling the board to wait until serial is ready.

After the serial.being, add: while (!Serial);

This should only be used for the Leonardo and Micro.

It still does not work. I did see that in the documentation. Just to make sure I have it correct, here is the setup:

void setup()
  //initialize pins
  while (!Serial);

Did you change the serial port referenced in your VB code?

I think the vb program does not set the (virtual) DTR signal for the serial port. Try setting the port's DtrEnable property to True.