Micro Oled

Hello, I just obtained my touchscreen Oled from liquidware.com today. I followed the necessary steps provided on their website to get it setup but I have not been able to get it working.
I am running Mac OSX version 10.5.6 and using the Duemilanove. The Duemilanove has worked well in the past with led matrix and various midi applications. The error i am getting is: the programmer is not responding.
I am only getting this error when i switch the board to touchscreen and try to run the basic code given at liquidware website. I have switched it back and observed it working fine with my led matrix. I have no idea what is going on, can anyone please help? Thanks.

using a separate power source?

No, it is just hooked on the arduino. Should i be using a separate power source for the micro Oled?

Should i be using a separate power source for the micro Oled?

Depends on how much current it is going to take. What does the data sheet say? But basically attaching the shield is stopping it from working. The only other reason that could be is if it uses the serial port.

Couple of questions based on what I have read (and the assumption that you are using a TouchShield).

Did you remove any other copies of Arduino when you installed the Antipasto Arduino IDE?

Are you pressing the reset button on the TouchShield just before trying to upload?

I don’t know if you have read it, but there are quite a few questions about issues similar to yours with solutions here:


I had this - I had to remove the app and its pref folder in the library folder.

Reinstall everything and it worked.

You may be able to just delete the prefs folder.

Robert, thank you for the link lots of info there. I just got it to work as i removed the app and its pref folder and reinstalled everything, as James suggested. That seemed to do the trick, thanks for all the help.

good stuff!

Just what bug in the current “official” arduino distributions (or compiler) interferes with the display library, anyway?