Micro SD and LCD display

i am trying to build a robot with 2 servo, 3 sensors, an lcd display and a micro sd breakout board for data logging. my problem is i am not sure how to connect both my display and sd card since the appear to use the same pins

same pins? as in...

if they are SPI there should be a enable pin for each device, turn on the one you want to talk to and your good
if they are i2c then the whole thing happens as an address request

both are spi

micro sd has these pins - 5v, 3v, GND, CLK, DO, D1, CS, CD

128x32 SPI OLED has these pins- GND, 3.3v, VIN, DATA, CLK, D/C< RST, CS

CS = chip select, they go to different outputs of the arduino to select which device your talking to

so i would be able to tell the arduino which device is on what pin for chip select?

and do i need a special shield for my i2c line sensor?