Micro sd from 5v

How can one read an sd card from a 5v device?

I have a stack of pro minis for this application, and space (especially width-wise) is at a serious premium. Therefore arduinos that speak both 5&3.3v are not so great, and those ethernet/sd combos are right out. I suppose I could obtain some 3.3v minis but I have other portions of this project that require 5v, so then I would need additional power.

So at this point I think 5v minis are still my best option. I have some logic level converters, so that should not be too hard, but I still need 3.3v to power the sd card right?

I see an adafruit breakout that takes 5v. I suppose that would work, tho I prefer to work with parts I have and not prefab stuff. How is it so small? Am I mistaken bout needing an LM or similar to power the card, and all I need is the little logic level converter?

Do you mean this uSD board?

IC1 is the logic level converter, and IC2 is the voltage regulator.

Yeah was looking at that. What would I need to do to do this on my own, from parts?

The ethernet shield uses a 74LVC1G125DCK for the logic level converter and a MC33269ST-3.3 for the voltage regulator.

Wire it up like this https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-data-logger-shield/downloads RTC is optional. Regulator is not - cards can need 250mA at startup, more than Arduino regulators can supply.