Micro sd text file to display on lcd

HI Good Day everyone, I'm just new in arduino also no background in programming. I try to learn myself. I'm doing some simple projects. Use arduino to display in lcd 16x2 the list of user and password. My list store in sd card a txt file. I will use a micro sd, lcd display, arduino uno, and coin acceptor. Coin acceptor when generate pulse signal to pin 2 of arduino uno. When pulse send to pin 2 of arduino, arduino will read data from my sd card which is user and password and to display it to lcd screen in specific seconds.

connection of lcd and micro sd working.

i stop in data to display in lcd screen, if i used serial monitor to display the data it works, please help me how to display the text file of micro sd card to lcd screen. Thank you

How connected? Code ?

HI, i need code. thank you

dongutech: HI, i need code. thank you

I suggest you try Google.

No one is going to hand you code.

Perhaps you are willing to pay for someone to write the code. If so, post in the Gigs sub-forum further down.

Did u manage to make this work?