Micro Servo issues...

I bought 2 "RC Hobby Sub Micro Servos 9g Torque Servo" on ebay.

I'm not familiar with them, and I tried to test them with the knob demo. I downloaded the library, uploaded the program, twisted the pot to one side and then to the other. Nothing happened. I uploaded the sweep program, nothing happened. The servo's voltage range is from 4.8v to 6.0v.

If anyone knows about these servos or some solution, please let me know. THX.

Some hobby servos draw more power than the Arduino 5v pin can provide, but I think you should be able to run at least one of those servos. Check your connections – the center (red) wire from the servo is the power line and should be connected to the Arduino 5v pin. The black wire connects to ground and the white (it may be another color) goes to the digital pin (pin 9 in the sweep example)

If that doesn't work, try connecting the red servo power line to an external 5v power source – all three ground need to be connected ( power source ground, servo and Arduino ground)

The servo "Sweep" example sketch definitely works, so you must have an error in your wiring.

... so you must have an error in your wiring.

Although the problem is most likely down to wiring, as posted above it could also be caused by insufficient power to drive the servo.

I checked the connections since before posting... I also thought it was a power issue, but I tested it today at college. It still wouldn't react with a separate power supply. And yes, it had a common ground with the arduino. THx anyways...

If you can find someone that has a radio control transmitter and receiver you could test the servos to see if they are faulty. If the servos work with a standard RC receiver then you can get them to work on Arduino

THX mem, I'll have to check that out then.