Micro stepper wiring and driving

Hello there. I have recently purchased a handful of tiny stepper motors from eBay. Listing can be found here 1PCS Micro-stepper Motors with Slide Two-phase Four-wire Stepper Motor DC 3-5V | eBay

My goal is to drive 6 of those bad boys for a university project. The seller has listed these motors as 3-5V and suggested using a stepper driver limited to 100mA current.

As I am completely new to stepper motors I have searched the forum for related projects and schematics . Are there any suggestions or schematics available? Shall I try to use an H bridge circuit ?

Least but not last I am willing to drive the motors using the Johnny Five library as demonstration of JavaScript working with Arduino JavaScript Robotics: Stepper - Sweep with Johnny-Five

Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance

These links may help, but I don't have any experience with those very small motors.

Stepper Motor Basics
Simple Stepper Code

If you use a h-bridge you will need 4 Arduino I/O pins for each motor and if you want a fast step rate for all the motors at the same time a 16MHz Arduino may not be fast enough.

Using a specialized stepper driver such as a Sparkfun Easydriver you will only need two Arduino pins for each motor and the computation load for the Arduino will be considerably lower.


Hey thanks for the quick reply. I have read the links posted above but I am still confused about the circuit . I can’t find more infos about limiting the current to 100mA. Also how it is possible to connect 6 of these tiny motors ?

Once again thanks for your time and the quick reply

A specialized stepper driver such as the Easydriver has the ability to limit the current to protect the motor - there is a small adjustment potentiometer. Study the Sparkfun webpage.

With a h-bridge you will just have to limit the current by limiting the voltage.

Many h-bridge datasheets show how to connect them to a stepper motor even though they are not ideal for that role.

Now that I remember, you need 2 h-bridges for each stepper motor.

If you are just using low voltages the Pololu DRV8833 dual h-bridge may be suitable. However study the data on the Pololu website carefully.


For small motors small H-bridge chips would make sense, which means surface mount really, and
for instance L9110 breakouts are available: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Super-H-Bridge-Driver-Module-Arduino/dp/B00NN6EB3U