Micro versus Nano

I have been tempted by the Nano board recently, having not given it much consideration before.

Though yesterday I discovered that the Micro has almost an identical spec sheet, with more usable GPIO pins and a Micro-USB connection, while maintaining a similar sized footprint.

The Micro uses a 32u4, whereas the Nano uses the 328 chip. Are there any disadvantages to the 32u4 of the Micro, when compared to the 328?

If not, why would someone choose the Nano over the Micro?

Thanks in advance for your help.

The Nano boards exists for many years, and the Micro only a few years.

The Nano board has two seperate chips, one is the main controller and the other is the usb-serial chip. The Micro has everything in the single ATmega32U4. Because of that the Micro has a larger bootsector and needs larger libraries for the Serial communication. Thus there is less memory for the sketch.

The Nano board has the ATmega328P microcontroller, and most code and libraries for Arduino are written for the ATmega328P.

The major trouble with the Nano, is that Nano clones from Ebay may have a fake FTDI chip, which makes it (more or less) useless. I would always advice to use a Micro over a Nano.

Did you see the Trinket or the Trinket Pro ?
There are many Arduino and Arduino compatible boards.

Some would say: Why use a ATmega chip anyway, if you can have a ARM M0 processor ?
Others prefer a barebone ATmega chip for special projects.

This explains a lot, and is very helpful, thank you.

The Micro therefore seems the more logical choice for my needs. Particularly as I have an abundance of Micro-USB cables but no Mini-B’s!

I had noticed the incredible array of clones available on eBay. I hadn’t considered that fake FTDI’s will likely be bricked now, which really would render the board useless.

I have seen the Trinket boards, as well as the Teensy’s. However I’m keen to support the Arduino community by purchasing an official board.

Thanks again, I appreciate it.

Be very carefull while doing that last thing. Buying "official" Arduino does not mean anymore that you are supporting the community. You can find out more about that in the "General Discussion" forum, way down in the list. I would look for the new Genuino brand in order to support the community which is this forum right here.

Peter_n: The major trouble with the Nano, is that Nano clones from eBay may have a fake FTDI chip, which makes it (more or less) useless.

Unless of course, you just use Linux. :grinning: